What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is also often referred to as SEO.

SEO is simply put, the process of optimizing a website’s content to easily be found in the search engines like Google.

What we also refer to as the SERPs or search engine results pages.

SEO creates all organic or natural traffic without the use of paid ads to the website.

An example would be a brand name of a business, a service, or a product searched in Google.

The first results page would show a list of ten websites that are most relevant to the name, service, or product searched in the search engine.

Try this; If you search rodney kennedy in Google on your own, you will find that our website rodneykennedy.com shows up the very first listing on the very first search results page.

Since Rodney Kennedy is kind of a common name and Google list over fifteen million different results for it, we had to optimize our website to “rank” number one for our brand name in Google.

This is how we make any website easily found in Google, and yes we can do the same for your business’s services and products.

Why SEO?

In today’s world with the internet, there is no other way to get information in front of more people faster.

Imagine having a new product and being able to put that in front of millions of people within a couple of hours?

The return on investment for SEO is better than any other marketing strategies out there.

The internet has a larger audience than billboards, radio, TV.

SEO is organic and can continue to generate traffic long after the SEO service is performed.

With a billboard, as soon as the advertisement is over there is no more traffic from the billboard. However, with SEO, a ranked website continues to direct traffic to there business for years naturally.

Most businesses are now investing their advertising budget into search engine optimization because of the huge return on investment.

My services put businesses in front of more people, faster than any other marketing method, and for pennies on the dollar compared to most marketing strategies.

It is clear to a lot of businesses that search engine marketing services are the way to go for advertising in today’s markets.

First Page Rankings

It is very important to grow businesses overall footprint in Google, but it is important to have first page rankings for those money keywords that a business desires to beat their competition.

90 percent of all people searching on the internet do not look past the first page of search results.

That means if your business is not on the first page of search results it has a higher chance of not being found in Google searches.

There are hundreds of factors for rankings that Google looks at to decide what websites are most relevant to the search term and deserve to be on the first page.

It is nearly impossible to get all the ranking factors right, However, I have found a few of these factors that actually move the needle and have huge effects that allow for first page rankings.

I use these powerful ranking factors to get first page rankings for a business’s brand name and also for those money keywords that have the most competition and the most monthly search traffic.

All while focusing on growing more organic keywords for more impressions, clicks, and traffic.

Google Analytics

I use Google analytics to track the growth and to view the overall progress being made for each business campaign.

I feel this is the best tool because it shows us exactly what Google is seeing.

It also allows us to see live analytics happening on the website in real time.

Having a clear view of what’s happening and being able to make adjustments because of the analytics if needed is priceless.

This is what allows me to have great confidence in my SEO services and offer monthly contracts.

That’s right, no long-term contracts needed because our clients can see the progress clearly, giving them the confidence to continue growing the brand.


I have helped lots of companies get more clients and expand their brand in their local markets to dominate the competition.

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What’s next?

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