Welcome, my name is Rodney Kennedy, and I’m known as a search engine optimization expert and a very successful lead generation marketer. I got into SEO and affiliate marketing back in 2005 when I started building websites as a side gig and successfully started generating revenue online for myself and other companies with these sites.

If you’re not sure what search engine marketing means, please read my article I wrote explaining “What Is SEO.”

On a never-ending quest to gain more knowledge. I found and joined a group of mastermind SEO experts that took my internet marketing knowledge to a whole new level. My confidence, experience, and results that generated, even more, revenue for businesses online skyrocketed above and beyond what I had learned on my own scouring the internet over the years.

Shortly after joining this group of elite internet marketers I founded RedTail SEO in early 2016 after the continued success in client SEO and affiliate marketing from my previous ventures.