Rodney Kennedy is a big bike adventure travel enthusiast.

I started riding motorbikes as a small child, bought an adventure bike in my forties, started touring the country with a friend, and the rest is history.

I moved to Las Vegas to ride all year round and explore the southwest United States on and off-road.

I love touring on a Big Adventure Bike, it takes me out of my own head and feeds my soul.

I’ve toured some of the best roads in America and have some of the best routes to share on and off-road.


I have a passion for film making.

So I combined my two passions of motorcycle touring and film making.

I created Ride of Rides, the youtube channel that I use to share my adventure motorcycle tours.


I do extensive motorcycle traveling and put the adventure riding equipment to the test.

I have had companies reach out to Rodney Kennedy wanting me to test and review their equipment.

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