Rodney Kennedy

Welcome, my name is Rodney Kennedy, and I’m known as a search engine optimization expert and a very successful affiliate marketer. I got into SEO and affiliate marketing back in 2005 when I started building websites as a side gig and successfully started generating revenue online for myself and other companies with these sites.

If you’re not sure what search engine marketing means, please read my article I wrote explaining “What Is SEO.”

On a never-ending quest to gain more knowledge. I found and joined a group of mastermind SEO experts that took my internet marketing knowledge to a whole new level. My confidence, experience, and results that generated, even more, revenue for businesses online skyrocketed above and beyond what I had learned on my own scouring the internet over the years.

Shortly after joining this group of elite internet marketers I founded RedTail SEO in early 2016 after the continued success in client SEO and affiliate marketing from my previous ventures.

Professional SEO

Businesses hire me, Rodney Kennedy, to put their websites in front of people searching for their services and products, and I refer to this as client SEO. I accomplish this by ranking these sites on the first page of Google for several targeted keywords or phrases that people are searching the internet for the most.

I have proven strategies that can get website’s first page rankings on Google for just about any niche, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s an e-commerce website, brick, and mortar businesses, law offices, or even home services.

Not all businesses are a fit for my services, but if you’re interested, you can answer a few quick questions on my discovery form. After submitting the answers, I can then determine if your business is a fit for my SEO services or affiliate marketing. If your company qualifies, I will set you up with a free video analysis of your website for my SEO or a free consultation for my affiliate marketing.

These same strategies that I built my agency on are the same strategies I use for my SEO clients and the same that I used to create my successful affiliate websites.

Affiliate Marketing

Businesses hire me, Rodney Kennedy, to sell their products for them. These businesses usually pay a percentage of each product or service sold, and I refer to this as affiliate marketing. I accomplish this by building my websites and ranking them for keywords or phrases that people are searching for the most. Then through links on my sites, I refer potential customers to these business websites for sales and services.

If you have a service or product that you want a professional affiliate marketer also making sales for your business, please fill out my discovery form. Simply answer a few questions so I can decide if your services or products are good fit for my affiliate marketing.


My SEO strategies work perfectly for most e-commerce websites. I have experience working with several e-commerce sites. E-commerce seems to be all the new rage, with lots of people making it their first goto for generating online revenue for the first time.

A smaller e-commerce website could get away without search optimization and just merely drive traffic with advertising like Google ads or Facebook ads. However, there will always be a limit that will never be extended beyond without SEO and just using ad spend, unless you have an endless advertising budget.

Reputation Management

When an individual or a business hires me, Rodney Kennedy, to manage their online reputation it’s usually because of a bad news article, a ripoff report, or something damaging on the internet that shows up when searching the web for this individual or business, I refer to this as reputation management.

It takes a serious SEO professional to be able to remove this type of mark on your online reputation. I have experience and proven strategies that can remove these stains from the first page. This kind of service takes severe firepower and can get quite expensive, but I am your huckleberry.

Get Started

If you are in need of my search engine optimization services for any of the reasons I listed above please click the link to get started by answering a few simple questions about your business.